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Reinvent your way of working

Walcu is much more than the leading digital sales and marketing solution for the automotive industry – Walcu is your new way of working.
Our clients increase their productivity and achieve an ROI of 8x to 10x. They maintain a much more fluid and multi-channel communication with their customers. And in addition, they automate and improve their internal processes. 

Walcu customer file

Manage your sales and appraisal leads effectively

Walcu allows you to effectively manage your VN and VO leads as well as appraisals. Centralize sales opportunities, purchase opportunities and all your emails, WhatsApps, SMS and calls that you have had with the client in the same customer file. All in one place.

Explanatory customer file - CRM for auto dealerships

Simplify the management of your leads

Many of the tasks you used to have to do by hand are now done by Walcu. Take a look at the features that make lead management from Walcu unique 🌟.

Automatic registration of communications


Custom states and substates

Let Walcu work for you 💪
Automate your processes and tasks

With Walcu you can create automatisms to make your life easier 🤷‍♂️.
The best thing is that you can build them on your own, since we give you the necessary blocks, and just like in Legos, you build any imaginable automation.

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The marketing automation created for dealers

At Walcu we lead the way in Marketing Automation for dealerships.
You can create task automation, client assignment and merging, follow-up and communication, automatic offers of similar cars, database field changes… Really, you can automate anything that comes to mind 🦄.

Connect sales and marketing

Multi-channel nurturing

Mass mailings of Email, SMS and WA

“It is a pleasure to work with them. They have been able to give me a quick response to my needs and understand the technical subtleties that I put to them.”

Francisco Pérez - Systems Manager at Concesur Group

Configure your Dashboards and KPI's to the millimeter

Walcu BI is the most powerful BI solution specialized in the automotive sector on the market, where you can configure your reports to the millimeter. Like in automations, we give you the blocks, and you assemble them to your liking 😎.

Walcu Automotive CRM BI solution gif – Automotive BI, CRM and Marketing software

Consume the information that interests you

Create your dashboards with donuts, histograms, series, tables… And edit them as you need to adapt them to your goals. Plus, dashboards are saved, so you can re-consume the information relevant to you in one click. You no longer have to ask anyone!

Dashboards and KPI's Marketplace

Create your custom reports

Empower area managers

“If you are looking for an intuitive, easy and practical CRM, without a doubt Walcu is the best customer management platform. In this tool you have it all, with magnificent user service”

Daniel Rodriguez Llopis - Sales Manager at Webycar

Get total control of your calls with our switchboard

Monitor 100% of your dealership’s calls in real time – including mobile calls from your entire sales team without the need to change operator and from the salesperson’s own mobile device.

Walcu Automotive CRM PhoneFlow

You will not need another PBX provider in the cloud

Our Voice IP telephony is native to Walcu, so the user experience is much better than any other switchboard in use.
In addition, it is very easy to configure and any changes you make to your extensions, call groups or queues can be applied instantly by yourself with complete autonomy.

Connected with your telephone operator

Walcu Phone

Professional switchboard

Th' the-ba-dee th'-the-dee
that's not all, folks 🐷
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