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People *really*
like Walcu.

The VN, VO, aftersales and marketing departments have fundamentally improved their KPI’s and performance. And what’s more, the sum of its improvements have had a cumulative effect that has taken the performance of the dealer to another level.

Read first-hand the experience of your competitors with Walcu.

CRM Sales Manager at OcasionPlus

Victor Rodríguez

“You are the Coca-Cola of automotive CRMs. In the automotive industry, you lead by a significant margin.”

Systems Manager at Concesur Group

Francisco Pérez

“It is a pleasure to work with them. They have been able to give me a quick response to my needs and understand the technical subtleties that I put to them.”

Digital Manager at Flexicar Group

Andrés Parra Llorente

“Walcu has an unusual technical talent, it is impossible not to think about what they offer if you want to digitally improve your company. From the ability to innovate with Autoscores or the excellent execution of their CRM, they have proven to be the best decision for automotive SaaS.”

Management and After-Sales at SF Motor

Ubaldo López

“What has caught my attention the most is that, now, we do not lose a single client.”

CEO at ABC Motor


“Walcu is adapted to the needs of small merchants. Yes, we could continue working by brute force and we would think that we have it under control, but with Walcu we sell more and better. Not working with Walcu because he is small is a mistake.”

Director of online sales at Catsa

Rafa Barea

“Over the years I have seen countless CRM tools and Walcu’s are on another level, they just can’t be compared. They are the bomb!”

Manager at Alonso Pineda Group (BMW and FCA)

Ángel Alonso

“My sales department can no longer live without this, now they have everything under control and can see everything they talk to their clients by phone, mail, WhatsApp, appraisals, etc., without having to write anything down. In addition, both the Sales Manager and I can get into each contact and see what status the contact is in without the need for him to tell me. We saved a lot of meetings.”

CEO en Integral Motion

Manuel Taboada

“Walcu CRM is so good that you can give my phone number to whoever you want to call me and tell them about it. You can even post my phone number on Walcu’s website. It is by far the best lead manager and CRM out there. It may be more expensive, but there is no color.”

Digital Transformation Manager at Resnova Group

Héctor Ámez

“You are loved and you are also very talented! 🤪 Not only do you have an essential tool that you improve every day, you have an insane team.”

CEO at Ruta66

Jose María Calderón

“I evaluated other solutions and in 12 months I have grown 70% in sales thanks to Walcu. I was completely right.”

Digital Marketing Manager at Auto Almogàvers

Cristina Gracia

“Brutal! It is a super complete CRM, both for sales and marketing.
If you are looking for a complement to the digitization of your dealership, it is THE (almost) perfect tool, intuitive for sales people and easy to use.
Already at marketing level it is hight level because it is moldable and for all the tricks you can do with it, ideal for online analysis, possibility of mounting all kinds Dashboards to analyze in detail your investments and performance of the team, you can mount remarketing campaigns and you can mount your own switchboard.

*Bonus Track; I do not want to forget to mention their great team, especially Fernando, who masters the tool like no one else and always helps you when you have a question.”

Manager at Sarsa

José Salgado

“We’ve been with Walcu for a month now and our new-vehicle salespeople have increased their conversion ratio by 3 points.”

BDC Manager at Grupo Palacio (GP-Automotive)

Anna Aparici

“Was there life before Walcu? I don’t know how I didn’t find out earlier. With this tool it is sooo fast and easy to control the work of my team that I even have time to have a coffee. 🙂
Also, if any problem arises, some very nice guys solve it instantly. Simply great”

Manager at Carwico Coches a la Carta.

Jair Meza

“Since I have the tool I have more than tripled my sales. I have never seen anything like it. All I can say is wonders. Walcu is as necessary, for us, as the air is”


Alejandro Miras

“Every time I call Walcu to solve a question, they end up giving me good advice for my business. They’re going to have to start giving me bad advice to stop me from calling them. Haha.”

CEO & Founder at Carsydreu

Alberto Santandreu​

“Even my brother – he is quite lazy – uses it without being asked. There is no CRM like it, it’s like playing slot machines for him. They are very talented!”

Sales and Team Manager at Grupo Hermindo

Chema Candal

“The only regret we have with Walcu is not having implemented it before in our company, a brutal CRM for the management of our clients and the control of our sales team, a close personal treatment and above all effective when it comes to offering solutions to all our needs, without a doubt a great choice!!”

Digital Manager at Autos Rivada

Antonio Santodomingo

“I believe so much in Walcu tools that they have accompanied me in every professional change. I discovered the CRM and then the rest of the tools, I’m a fan of all of them! Implementing a CRM is essential for effective commercial work and that is where Walcu is unbeatable, they also has a lot of people behind him who seem to know what you think and what you need. Míriam and Fer are the ones who have to put up with me the most; they adapt, innovate and provide continuous and immediate support, with a predisposition that I had never seen before! They give you a tremendous good vibe, they are unique and that is why there is nothing like them.”

Operations Manager at HR Motor

Oscar Ortega

“I am not an expert in digital but I am in the sales area. Walcu CRM is as if I had designed it myself.”

Marketing Director at Grupo Velasco

Carolina López

“I consider Walcu’s CRM to be the most powerful and complete on the market. Although it is true that it may be more expensive than others, the investment pays off and the services and reports it provides are very exhaustive: if you do not have a report tailored to your needs, the team of professionals that assists you solves it immediately. They are excellent professionals always willing to help.”

Manager at Car Driver

Mario San Román

“What you have given me is heroin, I can no longer live without it.”

Commercial Director at Carmotive

Jose Luis Peláez

“Walcu CRM is so easy that my little daughter has been replying to clients [using templates] because it was like a game to her. I am a Fan.”

Sales Coordinator at VW Financial Services

José Antonio Diz

“Your support is exceptional! To be geeks 😁 they are able to speak to you in your language; they have tremendous patience in explaining and solving incidents.”

CEO and founder at SportAutos Group

Iván Ríos

“We have been working with Walcu for several years and it has been a tremendous success. At first, the commercials were reluctant to use this type of tool because they think it would take up their time, but when they started using it and saw Walcu’s potential, they made it the main tool in their day-to-day work due to the great potential it has to manage leads in an optimal and organized way without wasting a single contact, as was the case with managing them before having this tool.”

Director of the Online Area and Digital Transformation at Car2U!

Pedro Viera

“With Walcu everything is possible.”

Commercial in Canalcar

Aurora Mansilla

“For me, communicating via WhatsApp with my clients is a requirement. With Walcu I communicate mainly through this channel because of how effective it is. Also, in the afternoon shifts –when I am not there–, my colleagues can follow the conversation since any audio, file, or message from my clients is in their file with everything else including emails, calls or SMS.”

Responsible for Post-sale Quality and Loyalty at Alava Lascaray.

Gorka Beltrán de Heredia

“How can they not do it? This is Walcu, not just any tool.”

Manager at Integral Motion

Alfonso Taboada

“It’s a show. They are some cracks.”

Responsible for buying and selling at Carwico Coches a la Carta

Jaime Miguel

“I no longer have to think about who to contact. poof! I have removed that stress forever. I know that I have everything in Walcu CRM. And the most important thing is that we have managed to make the company more professional. Before having Walcu CRM I worked in a good company but now I work in a better one.”

Commercial in Idilicar

Jorge Cortés

“Delighted with Walcu and the entire team, they answer questions with great agility, they help you adapt the tool to your needs and the tool is constantly being improved. They are light years ahead of other similar tools.”

Contact Center Manager at Onemotors

Silvia del Valle

“I want you to enable me an account just to talk to support, even if it’s just to exchange GIFs with them, I have a lot of fun talking to support”

Digital Marketing at Grupo Velasco

Iván Peteira Seoane

“Working with Walcu is synonymous with efficiency and continuous improvement. From the first moment, they offer support to adapt to the tool and are open to applying the modifications or implementations that we need from the client for a better use in the company. It has a very professional and close staff that greatly facilitates the CRM learning curve for our workers.”

Head of Used Cars Department at Intercar Murcia

David Rodriguez

“Walcu is a simple tool to learn and I am happy, now we have much better organized our lead management. In Walcu they solve my doubts quickly and if not, they point it out to do it as soon as possible, everything is going great. Also, when I find something they can improve on, they take notes and see what they can do”

Manager at A Motor

Miguel Angel Jurado Rincón

“There is not a cheap tool or an expensive one, if you need it, if your business needs it, “go for it”, at least give yourself the opportunity to prove that a tool like this is the bomb”

Head of Systems at Grupo Ureta

David Prado

“The configuration of this tool gives you infinite options, it is very versatile. Everything is integrated, it allows you to automate many processes and save time and gain effectiveness”

Manager on Ocasión Malaga

Raúl Gómez

“Walcu is already part of my life”

Sales Manager at Webycar

Daniel Rodriguez Llopis

“If you are looking for an intuitive, easy and practical CRM, without a doubt Walcu is the best customer management platform. In this tool you have it all, with magnificent user service”

Digital Manager at Autoconfi

Ángel Rosingana

“The usability of the tool is incredible, the large number of filters available to adapt it to our preferences and the speed of implementation, synchronization with the stock… Delighted, I can’t say anything else.

Advisor at SoloSuv

Miguel Millares

“We are testing Walcu CRM and not only do I like it, I think it is a GREAT product!”

Commercial in Carhay

Jose Antonio

“I remember when we wrote down the contacts on paper possit stuck on the table or on the computer monitor. Some were lost, others appeared after 15 days and when we called the client they had already bought, others agreed to call the client a week and they forgot… a lot of lost sales due to not having a tool like Walcu. Selling cars without Walcu is a thing of the past!”

Key Account Manager at Adarsa Group

Carlos Antón

“We have many suppliers and you, by far, are the most efficient and the most willing. We write to you for anything and boom, that’s it, done. We are delighted to work with you.”

Responsable comercial en IdealCar

Lucas Gozalvez

“I am going to tell all my friends who have a store and they are going to love it. As you have EVERYTHING registered, there is a space of the mind that is released. It is a pleasure to go to the agenda and “next”. I hallucinate!”

Marketing Manager at Autolíder

Juan Ramón Iribarren

“I want to congratulate you for the team you have: young, proactive, effective, fast, respectful, funny, etc. I focus on Marcos, Javier and Veronica, because I don’t know the development ones, keep them please because for those of us who are in the day to day CRM to see the same faces is GOLD.”

Leads Management at MiguelLeon.es

Borja Malián

“In January a new colleague starts with us and the tool has been one of the big arguments, as working in such a comfortable and efficient way helps us to squeeze more out of the day… and sales.”

Business Manager at Sumauto

Miguel Galera Bretones

“Walcu is a miracle of usability: they have been able to include an incredible amount of quality information for the commercial on a single screen. This is manageable even for a trained monkey.”

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Garage Club

Ricardo Vargas

“Walcu is like having Luis Rodríguez Moya in the car next to you and every used car dealer needs it. Walcu is super innovative and effective: it has been the digital turbo of our business!”