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KPI of sales ratios

Quickly review your dealer's sales ratios

Analyze the ratios of your sales reps and get visibility on your leads, discovering which models receive the most leads and which ones sell the most, the main reasons for discarding leads and the current management of active leads.

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Element by element:

1. Analysis by salesperson

With this table you will be able to easily analyze the ratios of your commercials (% of contacts, sales…).

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2. Leads by model

Find out which models in your stock receive the most leads.

3. Sale by model

View your vehicle sales by model in a donut and find out which of your models sell the most and which the least.

4. Reasons for discarding

Quickly visualize which are the main reasons why your leads are discarded.

5. Active Leads

Analyze the status of your active leads with this donut.