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Individual business report

Analyze in real time your leads and your activity on Walcu.

Find out with this KPI what your individual ratios are and quickly visualize the leads that require your attention.

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Element by element:

1. Commercial analysis

In this table you will see your ratios such as % of contacts, number of leads assigned, number of appointments assigned, % of sales…

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2. Never called

View and access the list of your leads that you have not yet called.

3. Missed calls

Keep on hand your missed calls to which you have not yet called back.

4. Active Leads

View the number of leads you have in active status, access the list to check if you need to take any action to prevent them from cooling off.

5. Unassigned Leads

Find out how many unassigned leads there are in your dealership, access the list and attack them!

6. Leads lack information

On this card you will see how many of your leads are missing information in the customer file (source, media, phone, model or brand) and you will be able to access them by clicking on the number.