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Send a WhatsApp / SMS / email to the customer as soon as the lead is received.

Ensures first communication to the customer in less than 15 minutes

The best time to answer a customer is when the customer wants you to answer. Obvious? Yes. Achievable? With Walcu, too. It’s a wonder to automate the first response to the customer to serve them just when they want it: when they ask.

Automatismo - Envía un correo para cerrar una cita en tienda - clap gif

In addition, if Walcu detects that the lead has entered you outside business hours, it will send a generic message. And when it enters during business hours, it will send a personalized message as if it had been written and sent by the salesperson.

This is the rule:

🚨 Remember: Add your templates to the communication sending actions before activating the rule.