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Ensure that your business process is being followed before discarding a lead

Review in real time the leads discarded by your sales reps

68% of leads are discarded by salespeople due to poor sales management – oh, dear, oh, dear – and 7% of them end up in sales when they are reacted to within 24 hours of discard – wait, what?

Automatismo - Revisa en tiempo real los leads descartados - wtfgif

Here are two gold mines:

  1. Reacting early increases the probability of winning back the customer.
  2. Having visibility on the commercial management of a discarded customer allows you to improve sales processes.

In short, you sell more, and Walcu makes it easy:

  1. It automatically checks that the commercial process has been fulfilled when a lead is discarded.
  2. If it has not been fulfilled, it is reassigned and the status is changed to potential.
  3. Notifies the manager/responsible to report the problem.
  4. Recover the customer -when possible- and introduce improvements in your team’s business practices.

What more could you ask for? A double cheeseburger with cheese and egg, and some large fries, I guess.

This is the rule:

🚨 Remember: Specify in the Fork the condition that of your commercial process (e.g. minimum contact 3 calls, 2 WhatsApp).