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Automatically creates a lead when a missed call is received.

Create a lead from your missed calls

Now you won’t miss a single one! Activate this rule and have Walcu create leads from your missed calls to improve the follow-up of these calls and automate your internal processes, for example:

  • Send an automatic message
  • Assign the lead with a rule like this to ensure a quick first contact.
  • Create a task or alert
  • Or any other automation you want!

Also, if the call came in outside of business hours, take the opportunity to send them an SMS or WhatsApp specifying the opening hours. And if it came in during business hours, send a message as if you were the salesperson to apologize for not being able to answer the call and to let him/her know that you will contact him/her as soon as possible.

Automatismo - Crea un lead al recibir una llamada perdida - TelΓ©fono Gif

This is the rule:

🚨 Remember: Add your custom templates to the different WhatsApp and SMS sending actions before activating the rule. You must also specify to which groups or users the lead will be assigned. Note that in some cases you will not have the customer’s name, so try to add a template that does not use the name.