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Automatically pre-qualify your low quality leads

Automate nurturing to avoid wasting time with low quality leads

It is common to carry out campaigns focused on receiving the highest volume of leads. The more the better, even if we get a lot of low quality leads.

Is it really true that the more the merrier?

If you are going to automate lead pre-qualification, then yes, the more the merrier.

Contact all these leads by personalizing the message and the communication channel, depending on the origin and the data left by the customer.
And follow up automatically until the customer shows interest. That is the moment for the salesperson to work his magic. Walcu will assign you the lead automatically and very warm.

This is the rule:

🚨 Remember: Specify in the trigger the condition you consider for “low quality” leads to come in. Add your custom templates to the different WhatsApp, SMS and Email sending actions before activating the rule. You must also specify to which groups or users the lead will be assigned.