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Ensure a good follow-up of your inbound leads without a telephone

Automate the communication to get the customer's phone number

Automatismo - Envía un correo al recibir un lead sin teléfono - Gif

When you get a lead without a phone number, you have two options:

  • The typical: Write an email to 40% of the customers several hours after receiving the request – ignoring the other 60% – and do not follow up again unless you receive a response.
  • What you can do with Walcu: Email 100% of the customers as soon as you receive the request and make several follow-up attempts if no response is received.

Walcu will send them 4 emails within 8 days – or whatever you want – with a personalized message for each occasion. With this you will be able to get 20% more customer phone numbers – in this type of leads – without sales reps spending a single minute.

This is the rule:

🚨 Remember: Add your custom templates to the different WhatsApp, SMS and Email sending actions before activating the rule. You must also specify to which groups or users the lead will be assigned.