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Add the merge action to your Walcu account

Make sure that the client is not duplicated before performing any action on it

If you are not merging your customers just before running your other automations, you are in danger. Imagine asking for the phone number of a customer you’ve been on the phone with for 4 hours by email.

Your customer's face when receiving that email

Don’t let this happen to you! Add a merge action to your already created automations so that it is executed before your other rules (such as assignment rules, sending communications…).


1. Action parameters

When you add this action to a rule, the action will prompt you to pass it a lead, a customer and an appraisal. You ONLY need to send it a customer and the lead or appraisal associated with that customer.

2. Resultado de la acciΓ³n

The action can return 2 things:

  • Merged customer, associated lead and empty appraisal: If you passed a lead in step 1.
  • Merged customer, associated appraisal and empty lead: If you passed an appraisal in step 1.

⚠️ Do not use the empty resource, because if you do, the rule will return an error.

This is how you will see the action:

This is the rule: