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Assign and create a lead from your answered calls.

Create a lead from a missed call and assign it to the user who took the call

We know that a fast and efficient lead management helps immensely in the sales process. And since at Walcu we like to take bureaucratic processes away from you πŸ’©, we bring you this rule.

Every time we take bureaucratic processes away from you

Now your answered calls will be converted into leads instantly, as long as there is not already a lead created for that phone. In addition, when you install the automation, the lead will be automatically assigned to the salesperson who answered the call so that he/she can start managing the customer as soon as possible.

To get by this functionality you have 2 options
-spoiler: one way is better than the other-:

1. Pay a Sales ConsultantForces thousands of euros to program for you and your neighbor.

2. Install this rule in your Walcu account with 1 click.

This is the rule: